Victor Godinez

science fiction writer

Hi, I’m a writer. My first novel came out in 2018, my second is finished and will soon be looking for a publisher, and my third is slowly taking shape. You can check them out below.

My books

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The First Protectors

The First Protectors is an old-school alien invasion action story, and you can check it out below. It’s a sprawling adventure about retired Navy SEAL Ben Shepherd, a damaged warrior who now only wants to be left alone. But when injected with alien technology and confronted with an interstellar enemy, he has no choice but to become Earth’s defender.


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The Doormen

Twenty years in the future, life is pretty easy for Baltimore homicide detective Dan Harper. Technology identifies the victims, flies the surveillance drones, drives the cars, and vets the potential suspects. Harper simply has to snap the cuffs on the perp and then file the paperwork. Until one day a body shows up that all the tech in the world can’t ID. As Harper and his partner, Domingo Delgado, start to pluck at the few clues available to them, however, they soon find themselves hunted by enemies who seem to materialize out of thin air. On the run and outgunned, Harper and his allies soon find themselves racing against a shadowy villain who is convinced that a few dead bodies are a small price to pay to change the world.

Work in Progress

About Me

I graduated from The University of Dallas (english major), and was a newspaper reporter at The Dallas Morning News for 11 years. I now work in public relations for AT&T. My wife, our three kids, two dogs, a rotating cast of smaller woodland creatures my oldest daughter occasionally rescues, and I live in Dallas. I’m mostly on twitter @victorgodinez

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